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I am sending this email to this address because I really couldn't figure out where else it should go or who would handle things like this?

This is in regards to a content management system between Blender and the Blender Marketplace storefront.

Blender using an agile build flow, which is so easy to implement this in and for. I threw the idea a few years back to the guys over at blender marketplace and was told they couldn't. So, I brought it up again to them because a content management system between software and storefront is pretty much standard practice these days, especially when the software is built on an agile flow.

DAZ has done it for YEARS now, at least 7 years, and now POSER 12 (which was sold to Bondware 2 years ago) is now being built on and released on an agile build flow (FINALLY!) and because they changed programming format to agile build, they ALSO (again FINALLY) have implemented a content management system between POSER 12 and Renderosity.com which hosts the content for POSER.

Which leaves Blender and it's main content storefront, Blender Market.... Still not connected.

I don't need to tell you how much this would free up time and aggravation for developers and creators, I think you know it would be a godsend and would clean up workflows everywhere...

The response I got back from Blender market was they are only 2-3 guys and can't spare the time for it to do the coding for it. I told them to talk to the super nice people over at Renderosity to see how they did it and get input from them, guidance and to also pitch it to you as well, because I believe that Bondware/POSER built the content management system and then Renderosity just had to 'connect' to it but I'm not sure. I sent them an email to have their programming department email me to answer some questions. Heck, the POSER 'superfly' render engine is built/based on blenders cycles.

Here are the links to the companies I mentioned above:




I'm sorry I have no contact information for Bondware who now owns POSER and is in charge of building and updating it now.

I DO look forward to hearing back from you though. I would help/volunteer but I literally have no scripting experience, I live in blueprint land...

Thank You!

Elizabeth McLean

Owner/Artist and
[Ravencroft Graphics 3D](https://ravencroftgraphics3d.com/)


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