[Bf-committers] Patching the manual as a team responsibility

Jeroen Bakker jeroen at blender.org
Tue Nov 17 10:28:44 CET 2020

Hi all,

In the geometry nodes project we are using the scrum methodology. We are 
currently performing a sprint that will commit new multiple small 
features to master. As part of this we are updating the manual.

In the non-scrum way of development the developer who is responsible for 
a patch can use a local branch/or copy for keeping track of changes to 
bf-manual and pushes the changes together with the patch. Using the 
scrum methodology the patches are a team responsibility and therefore 
updating the manual is also a team responsibility. We would like to 
update the manual side by side to the patches that land to make sure 
that the manual is in sync with master.

The manual is hosted on SVN what doesn't (have good) support for 
distributed version control. In the short term we created a git 
repository hosted outside of blender.org with the main reason to not 
confuse manual writers.

Using the scrum methodology with blender projects is still experimental, 
but if it is successful more projects could adopt this methodology. It 
would be good to know if the chosen solution is fine for the short term 
(as part of the experiment). What might be issues that other writers 
would see with our chosen solution?

In the longer run we could see if we want to do some changes to our 
current infrastructure. Taken into account the community efforts on 
updating the manual and therefore the tactically choice to host the 
manual in SVN.


Jeroen Bakker.

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