[Bf-committers] Proposing a unique ID for Blender objects system, for use, with game engines. (Fergal Gribben)

Fergal Gribben fgribben at gmail.com
Sun Nov 15 20:13:31 CET 2020

Hi Juan, Ryan,

I've uploaded my UUID addon here:

Please let me know if you have trouble accessing it!

Although this addon isn't very useful by itself alone, I hope you can
incorporate it into whatever workflow you use. So far, I haven't been able
to trick the addon into *not* doing what I want it to do lol, but there are
probably a few bases that it doesn't cover (please let me know if you
encounter a particular workflow that either changes an existing UUID, or
that fails to assign a UUID to an object)

Right now, the addon just prints UUIDs to the console, so if you run
Blender from the command line, you'll see the object names and their UUIDs
being printed as you use Blender, once you've installed the addon. In

- New objects added to the scene are assigned a UUID
- Duplicated objects are assigned their own UUID
- Deleted objects are removed from the list of UUIDs
- UUIDs persist across sessions, i.e. if you save your .blend file and then
close and open Blender, the UUIDs of the objects remain the same

Let me know if you have any questions


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