[Bf-committers] Planned Git migration on Tuesday

Danny McGrath dan at blender.org
Mon Nov 9 15:25:44 CET 2020


We will be migrating out Git install of gitosis to gitolite on Tuesday
November 9th (tomorrow) at 9AM EST/3PM CET.

The expected downtime is about 20 minutes for the migration and time to run
some tests. We will block access to the service via firewall during the
tests in case of problems that require us to roll back the changes.

Due to the importance of Git in our project (buildbots, etc.), we would ask
that people report any unusual issues or problems to this mail or the bug
tracker as quickly as possible to help us track down any missed issues.

Sorry for any inconvenience!


Danny McGrath - dan at blender.org - www.blender.org
System Administrator at Blender
GPG key: 0x696871CA

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