[Bf-committers] Why forbid spaces in enum identifiers?

dima glib dima.glib at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 12:02:58 CET 2020


Finally got around to download a 2.83 Blender, and noticed that some of my
addons now crash Blender, due to spaces in certain enum identifiers.

What is the practical motivation for making this change?

I honestly don't see any tangible benefits to such a restriction, whereas
there are very real disadvantages to it -- for example, file names, ID
block names, keymap names and such cannot be used as enum identifiers now
(at least, not without a Base64 encoding/decoding step everywhere these
properties are used).

Also, judging by the commit diff [1], it doesn't even test for other
non-alphanumeric characters, so this seems kind of pointless anyway :-P


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