[Bf-committers] Changes to list due to DMARC

Danny McGrath dan at blender.org
Thu Mar 5 21:27:45 CET 2020


Yesterday there was a report of some bounced mail from Yahoo due to their
policy. Unfortunately, mailing lists don't like this.

I looked into the mailing list settings and tried to do "munge from" when
dealing with DMARC. Hopefully things don't break for some users, but it's
running since yesterday, so far so good.

Below is the explanation that Mailman (our list software) uses to explain

  general options/from_is_list: No -> Munge From

  Do nothing special. This is appropriate for anonymous lists. It is
  for dedicated announcement lists, unless the From: address of authorized
  posters might be in a domain with a DMARC or similar policy. It is also
  appropriate if you choose to use dmarc_moderation_action other than
Accept for
  this list.

  Munge From
  This action replaces the poster's address in the From: header with the
  posting address and adds the poster's address to the addresses in the
  Reply-To: header.

  Wrap Message
  Just wrap the message in an outer message with the From: header
containing the
  list's posting address and with the original From: address added to the
  addresses in the original Reply-To: header and with Content-Type:
  message/rfc822. This is effectively a one message MIME format digest.

  privacy/sender/dmarc_moderation_action: Accept -> Munge From
  Munge From -- applies the from_is_list Munge From transformation to these
  Wrap Message -- applies the from_is_list Wrap Message transformation to
these messages.
  Reject -- this automatically rejects the message by sending a bounce
            to the post's author. The text of the bounce notice can be
configured by you.
  Discard -- this simply discards the message, with no notice sent to the
post's author.

Of course, I am open to suggestions when it comes to the Mailing list, but
been pretty much left as-is (settings wise) for decades. That said, DMARC
wasn't part of the original settings, so it is rather new territory for us.


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