[Bf-committers] The 10 big Blender projects for this year

Dalai Felinto dalai at blender.org
Mon Jan 27 19:00:36 CET 2020


I just posted in the blog a proposal for the 10 big Blender projects for
this year:

Each of these projects already have a task on developer.blender where one
can find the latest status, big picture, designs and teams:

T73317 - Multires
T73318 - Library overrides
T73324 - Particles nodes
T73201 - New volume object type
T68981 - New hair object type
T68908 - Faster animation playback
T73359 - Scene editing in object mode
T73360 - Fast highpoly mesh editing
T73363 - Alembic / USD
T73366 - Asset manager “basics”

Some projects lack a basic project definition (commissioners, use cases,
...). This will be filled once they are approved and the developers start
to work on these.

As always, any feedback is welcomed!


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