[Bf-committers] Aligning with the vfx reference platform in 2020

Ray Molenkamp ray at lazydodo.com
Fri Jan 10 18:30:46 CET 2020

I took a quick survey, most of the libs are either not applicable to us (QT related stuff) or at the preferred version already

however some of them are lagging behind a bit (or a lot in case of openVDB) and one of them is a little ahead of the VFX platform

OpenEXR    VFX:2.4.x    Blender:2.3.0
OpenSubdiv VFX:3.4.x    Blender:3.4.0 RC2
OpenVDB    VFX:7.x      Blender:5.1.0
Boost      VFX:1.7      Blender:1.68

Intel TBB  VFX:2019_U6  Blender:2019_U9

Is the plan to get at-least the lagging ones up to the VFX versions for 2.83?


On 2020-01-10 10:03 a.m., Ton Roosendaal wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> Blender has always been an early adopter of new libraries. We moved to Python 3 ten years ago already. Unfortunately that made Blender incompatible with the Python 2.7 infrastructure in many studios. But the industry is catching up! Python 3.7 is now the reference standard.
> To give studios enough time and confidence to check out on Blender, I propose to respect the VFX Platform versions for the entire year of 2020. That implies we will be very conservative with upgrading libraries, for example Python will stick to 3.7 this year for official releases.
> I've checked it with the core team and administrators, and they're OK - provided this won't hold back essential improvements for our users.
> Check the reference platform here:
> https://vfxplatform.com/
> Thanks,
> -Ton-
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