[Bf-committers] Mantaflow landing and unit tests.

Ray Molenkamp ray at lazydodo.com
Thu Jan 2 22:31:56 CET 2020


Hate to be a heckler for running the unit tests, but please:

When you land and/or review something big, RUN THE UNIT TESTS!

When the monster 10 patch mantaflow patch landed, it broke
6 cycles unit tests on all platforms, 5 with different renders
than the reference images and one full on blender crash [1]

bda4a284d20164fec2433f7c40f49fc903319400 [2] fixed the render
differences and turned the crash into a render difference [3]

Unrelated side note: whats with the less than helpful
commit message on this commit? it may as well have been
committed with the message 'something fluid' or 'Tuesday'
would have just as enlightening for other developers.

To summarize:

- The person submitting the patches has not run the tests
- The reviewers have not run the tests
- Less than optimal commit messages
- 18!! days after landing, there is still a failing test

Holiday season or not: I think we can and should do better than this


[1] https://i.imgur.com/LE3baOg.png
[2] https://developer.blender.org/rBbda4a284d20164fec2433f7c40f49fc903319400
[3] https://i.imgur.com/5we0hEv.png

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