[Bf-committers] 8GB of RAM insufficient for bulding Blender

Brecht Van Lommel brechtvanlommel at gmail.com
Fri Feb 28 09:58:19 CET 2020

There's a few possible solutions:

* Enable WITH_CYCLES_NATIVE_ONLY and disable
* If it's running out of memory building a particular module, you can
disable that module in CMake (e.g. WITH_MOD_FLUID, ...). It would be
interesting to know which one.
* As a last resort, you can build with fewer threads.

On Fri, Feb 28, 2020 at 9:48 AM Deep Majumder <deep.majumder2019 at gmail.com>

> Hello everyone,
> I am trying to build Blender (from its source on Git) so as to apply for
> Google Suumer of Code 2020. However, when the build process (make) reaches
> to 57%, the whole of my 8 GB RAM is consumed and my system starts thrashing
> (eventually the build process gets killed). I am using Pop OS 19.10 64-bit
> (which is based on Ubuntu 19.10 Eoan Ermine 64-bit), on an Intel Core i5
> 8th Gen processor, 8gb of RAM, and 4 GB of swap space on a 7200 rpm HDD.
> Is there a workaround this or do I need to buy more RAM?
> Regards,
> Deep
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