[Bf-committers] Blender developer meeting notes - 2020.4.14

Dalai Felinto dalai at blender.org
Tue Apr 14 18:58:58 CEST 2020

Hi all,

Here are the notes from today's developer meeting. Next meeting is
back on a Monday,  20 April 11:00 CEST / 9:00 UTC, in #blender-coders
on blender.chat.

For the complete report read it on:

Hans Goudey received a 3 month grant to work with the User Interface
team. Welcome. The targets are yet to be defined, but for now he is
working on drag and drop for the modifier stack.

* bcon3 15/4 (tomorrow).
* Postponed for 2.90
  * Further Multires changes
  * EEVEE motion blur
  * Mantaflow OpenVDB integration
  * New operator search menu
  * Wintab tablet updates

* Still in the agenda:
  * Mantaflow cache / replay improvements
  * Splash screen drawing improvements
  * Small sculpting improvements (D7147, D7335)

* There is a decision to be made regarding enabling the new Undo by
default. Brecht Van Lommel believes it should be enabled already, but
Bastien Montagne still to make this call.
* If there are too many high priority bugs open 2.83 could be
postponed. But the current number of open bugs (>500) should not get
on the way of that.
* There might also still be LTS related changes coming to 2.83,
particularly related to version numbers.
* Workboard is still not updated (this was brought up last week’s
meeting). Dalai Felinto will handle it next Monday if it is still not
there by then.

* bcon1 15/4 (tomorrow).
* Master open again after the branching.
* Pablo Dobarro asks about any pending design decision regarding
Sculpt Vertex Colors (D5975). Jeroen Bakker to be on top of that.
* Hans Goudey is working on modifier stack drag & drop. This can be
used for other stacks too (e.g., Grease Pencil Modifiers)

Google Summer of Code
* Dalai Felinto to create a communication channel to coordinate the
proposals review and subsequent work (yet to be decided if it will be
devtalk or blender.chat or something else).

Dalai Felinto - dalai at blender.org - www.blender.org
Blender Development Coordinator

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