[Bf-committers] BF coordination meeting notes - 2019.09.08

Dalai Felinto dfelinto at gmail.com
Mon Sep 9 13:02:55 CEST 2019

Hi all,

Here are the notes from our private weekly meeting about the Blender
coordination work. If anyone has any point that would like us to
discuss, please let me know via email or #blender-chat.

Participants: Brecht Van Lommel, Dalai Felinto, Nathan Letwory
September 9th, 2019

19.09.09 - BF Coordinators Meeting

Discussed Topics
* Infrastructure
* Biweekly and Meetings
* Code review
* BCon1
* Phabricator (developer.blender.org)

* Nathan to work side-by-side with Sergey.
* Regular updates on Phabricator.
* We could store patches builds, to be determined.

Biweekly and Meetings
* This week another round of biweeklies.
* Converting time from devtalk to email would help.
* We still had to hunt down some weekly reports this week.

Code review
* Optix license/restriction issues may hold the patch.
* OpenXR may not make in time for 2.81.
* Next release cycle we will have more room for BCon1, less patches
should pile up.

* All planned tasks tagged for 2.81 milestone.
* All postponed tasks tagged for 2.82 milestone already.

Phabricator (developer.blender.org)
* Use task priority for their color in the module page. (new task)
* Remove BF Regressions
* Move submodules once patch is committed (regardless of workboards)

Follow ups
* Create a new task to use task priorities for the main module page. [Dalai]
* Remove BF Regressions tag [Dalai]
* Move submodules into subprojects once patch is committed (regardless
of workboards) [Dalai]
* Converting script from devtalk to email. [Nathan]
* Clear up Optix license/restriction issues. [Brecht]
* (from last week) - Status of remaining GSoC - reportblog post [Dalai]
* New release cycle / 2.81 blogpost [Dalai]

Thank you,

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