[Bf-committers] Reusing the Blender Fund website for Krita

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Thu Oct 31 11:32:20 CET 2019


There was an API change in the handler500 callable between Django 2.1 and 2.2.
Make sure you use Django 2.1 and if you have any follow-up question about errors feel free to post them in https://developer.blender.org/project/view/85/

Regarding your questions about customising the Dev Fund, I would recommend you to become familiar with the Django web framework, or involve a Django developer. After that, it will be much easier for you to estimate the effort.


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On 30 Oct 2019, 12:02 +0100, Kuntal Majumder <hellozee at disroot.org>, wrote:
> Hi
> I am Kuntal ( or "hellozee" ), one of the Krita Developers. Recently we are
> trying to figure out if we can reuse the `fund.blender.org` website for Krita.
> I have successfully managed to host a local instance in a docker container.
> Though with some hiccups. While trying to follow the instructions from the
> README, I got the following error during the migration,
> " ?: (urls.E007) The custom handler500 view
> 'blender_fund_main.views.errors.ErrorHandler500' does not take the correct
> number of arguments (request). "
> Not sure what it means, googled around a little bit, but all they talk about
> is a function and not a TemplateView. Not being a developer who knows django,
> I just commented out the corresponding handler and suppressed the error.
> Also, I see it doesn't have a landing page, did I miss something or I need to
> make that myself?
> Other than that it looked fine, but to be honest I didn't test it much.
> For now, here are the things I think we need to do to get it started,
> - swap Blender ID with our own oauth
> - rebrand the website for Krita
> - get a braintree account and integrate it
> I would love if anyone of you could share a little bit about the areas which
> needed to be touched and how much of work has to be done to get that running.
> Regards
> Kuntal M
> https://hellozee.dev
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