[Bf-committers] BConf VR Meeting Notes

Julian Eisel eiseljulian at gmail.com
Tue Oct 29 12:20:59 CET 2019

Hi all,

we had a VR meeting during the conference, here are the notable bits.

* Dalai Felinto (Blender Foundation)
* Damien Coureau (Ubisoft)
* Daniel Martinez Lara (Pepe School Land & MPX)
* Julian Eisel (Blender Institute)
* Julien Blervaque (Ubisoft)
* Sebastian König (blendFX)
* Simeon Conzendorf (blendFX)
* William Reynish (Blender Foundation)

General Requirements
* There will have to be some experimenting with different approaches
to XR UIs. People and studios also have very different needs for XR
* Just how we define the regular 2D UIs in Python, XR UIs should be
defined in Python as well. That allows extending and specializing the
UIs for custom needs. The Ubisoft team is especially keen on this.
* Blender should bundle a good default XR UI for common usage,
established through experimentation of the core VR team and other
* With the gizmo, operator and drawing APIs, the BPY already has many
of the needed bits. There's still lots of stuff we'd have to figure
out and add to it though.

Next Steps
* The team agrees on building the VR UI around specific use-cases.
* The GSoC patch [1] should be merged with the first basic use-case
working (scene inspection, see below)
* We'll start with the following use-cases (roughly in that order):
   1. Scene Introspection - VR viewport with initial/simple navigation
   2. Sculpting & Grease Pencil drawing in VR
   3. Set arrangement/layout - Support adding primitives, transforming
objects and some related gizmos
   4. Complete immersive toolset (aka MARUI)
   5. VR Storyboarding - Support changing cameras, time and animation
timing within the VR session
   6. Set dressing - Support adding particles, assets, ...
* Besides the first use-case, the involved "Blender core developers"
will only try to provide the frameworks needed to implement the other
use-cases. These can then be picked up by contributors (e.g. the
Ubisoft, MARUI or MPX teams).
* The project will be organized as usual in Blender, with a landing
page on developer.blender.org, clearly stated priorities and
milestones, and visible ways for contributors to get involved.

* We also want to support AR/MR based use-cases.
* Collaborative sessions form other important use-cases: multiple
people with multiple headsets work together in the same XR viewport.
This is a rather complicated use-case to get supported, but it would
be immensely useful.

[1] - https://developer.blender.org/D5537

- Julian -

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