[Bf-committers] Petition to Apply Blender to the Open Source Auomation

Netza Guadarrama internetza at msn.com
Tue Oct 29 00:01:38 CET 2019


I was working on beremiz.org and blender.org trying to make an Open Source Automation Enviroment, but recentrly Blender have decided to quit bge and when I try to implement the next step well the tool is not more in the Blender, maybe using nodes is better I dont know. But I want to inform to the developers this topic.

Now to ask to Blender developers to contribute to it becouse I am just a only man, but you all are a team that can contribute of the future of your Blender in this way.

  1.  Blender is one of the best tools for graphics.
  2.  Can be used as an interface of Human Interface Machine for automation, and can be used as an industrial simulator like this  https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=83&v=3Ju54N1vfjo,   but in the open source using beremiz.org and blender.org like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uO_tuoM5JOU&list=PLkjy3Accn-E59daIG9X87pRAb5trbUPYZ&index=20
  3.  The reason why use Blender.org and Beremiz.org, is becouse the schools in the world does not has an Open Source Automation Enviroment that can be used by the schools to learn and to use as an industrial tool to make real industrial machines and simulate real machines. Blender and Beremiz are Open Source and can be used to do this missing tools in the industry.
  4.  How many people can be benefited with this tools just think how many people in the world are studying microcontrollers and plc automations systems in each school and how many schools are in the world, and how many schools in the world does not have access to the very expensive tools.
  5.  I am very shure that if you propuse to the schools officialy to contribute to make this applications, the schools can contribute to all of you to make this Open Source tools for all of us.

Then for the responsables of Blender I am making a Humble Petition to make this tool possible.

My best regards

Netzahualcoyotl Guadarrama Camarena

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