[Bf-committers] Tomas Havrda asking for a license

Markus Mayer markus at chalybeum.de
Fri Oct 18 06:53:10 CEST 2019

Hello Tomas,
first of all thank you for your interest in Blender and your engagement to bring it into Skoda.
For a written and signed personalized license from the Blender Foundation you should contact them directly. I am sure that Mr. Ton Roosedaal will find a wording that asures your company that they can use Blender for as long as you want, on how many seats as you want.
The funny thing is that the software itself is redistributable. So if Ton has no time, I will send you a copy with a written permission under said terms. Or you could just do it yourself.
While all of this would be perfectly legal, I believe you want something with a nice Blender Foundation header.
So please point your request directly to:
foundation at blender.org

Markus Mayer

Disclaimer: I am neither a developer nor in any form acting on behalve of the Blender Foundation. This is just a friendly support service provided by a member of the Blender user community.

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