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Hi Javier,
This list is for core Blender development as organized by the Blender
Foundation. To find someone to hire for your project you will need to look

I recommend looking for add-on developers on https://www.blendernetwork.org
where you can also post jobs.


Em qui, 3 de out de 2019 às 20:40, Javier Horrillo <j.horrillo at virtualart.es>

> Hello, I am writing to you because we are thinking of doing a series of
> animation with blender, for this we are thinking of acquiring a series
> of motion capture suits, and a facial movement capture system.
> For now to make cartoon animation what works best is the software that
> works by morphs, thanks to a camera that records it, and I wanted to
> suggest or ask you something,
> How much would it cost to make an addon for blender that associated a
> series of morphs with a facial bone system?
> I send you an example of an application for maya:
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRVRPLYD-LU
> We would be very interested in having something like this to be able to
> associate the capture of facial movement to a facial bone system, so the
> corrections are much simpler because the morphs are not corrected one by
> one, but the drivers can be corrected directly facial
> We would be really interested in such an application for blender but we
> don't know how much it would cost or if it would be possible.
> Thank you very much for your time!
> --
> Javier Horrillo
> tel. 655 37 88 47
> j.horrillo at virtualart.es
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