[Bf-committers] BF coordination meeting notes - 2019.10.07

Dalai Felinto dfelinto at gmail.com
Mon Oct 7 13:38:00 CEST 2019

Hi all,

Here are the notes from our private weekly meeting about the Blender
coordination work. If anyone has any point that would like us to discuss,
please let me know via email or #blender chat.

Participants: Brecht Van Lommel, Dalai Felinto, Nathan Letwory
October 7th, 2019

Discussed Topics
* Subprojects moving
* 2.81 Documentation
* Bcon2
* Bug Tracker
* Developer Feedback

Subprojects Moving
* Nathan got much covered, still need to figure out how to copy
subscribers, watchers and members.
* This approach is using the conduit API not direct database.
* The most work should be done this week, but need to figure out a way to
do it silence.
* Move to code review with current design.

2.81 Documentation
* Dalai to take over (for 2.81, for now) the documentation part for manual
and release.
* We need to have an overview of the status of the manual as well as the
release log.
* The landing page for 2.81 is too incomplete to be online.
* For future releases maybe we should just link to the wiki.
* Dalai to coordinate the tasks with Aaron Carlisle (Blendify), Pablo
Vasquez and the other developers.
* If developers are to write about their own features, we need a final
quality pass to unify the writing style.

* No feature will need to be rolled back at first, but we still need a
video calling testers.
* All “bcon2: Features” tasks are currently blocked by Brecht (see 2.81
milestone workboard).
* The most tricky one is T70520 - Fill limited and unsupported GPUs list

Bug Tracker
* We still need to go over the tracker to find other high priority bugs.
* The bug tracker triaging is lagging behind. Plenty of duplicates,
incomplete, …
* A full-time developer could triage/close 20-25 bugs a day besides their
regular job

Developer Feedback
* Adding own weekly report on devtalk is extra burden on developers (work
that managers could easily do).
* Easy to check on wiki the latest changes -
* Community managers could instead of dragging developers into devtalk
stick to consulting to them and handle the communication themselves.
* Some developers have more work not less from 6 months ago, for 2.82 this
should be better.
* New hires should have a go-to developer.

Follow ups
* Create a patch with the status of Subproject moving changes and the
current design, task in T70603 [Nathan]
* Create a new task to keep track of the status of the manual and release
log [Dalai]
* Need a video explaining how to use overrides to find someone to do it
* Check with team if adding devtalk is to be replaced [Dalai]
* Consult with developers if they are good being the go-to person for the
new hires [Dalai]
* Buildbot code signing for Windows [Nathan]

Thank you,

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