[Bf-committers] addon development

Javier Horrillo j.horrillo at virtualart.es
Thu Oct 3 19:49:21 CEST 2019

Hello, I am writing to you because we are thinking of doing a series of 
animation with blender, for this we are thinking of acquiring a series 
of motion capture suits, and a facial movement capture system.
For now to make cartoon animation what works best is the software that 
works by morphs, thanks to a camera that records it, and I wanted to 
suggest or ask you something,
How much would it cost to make an addon for blender that associated a 
series of morphs with a facial bone system?
I send you an example of an application for maya:
We would be very interested in having something like this to be able to 
associate the capture of facial movement to a facial bone system, so the 
corrections are much simpler because the morphs are not corrected one by 
one, but the drivers can be corrected directly facial

We would be really interested in such an application for blender but we 
don't know how much it would cost or if it would be possible.

Thank you very much for your time!

Javier Horrillo
tel. 655 37 88 47
j.horrillo at virtualart.es

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