[Bf-committers] Modules simplification (and members cleanup)

Clockmender clockmender at icloud.com
Fri Nov 8 14:25:37 CET 2019

Hi chaps,

I should like to volunteer to help with testing, or input of my long years with 3D modelling, if that is of value. Just let me know. My current project is Precious Drawing Tools, searching that will give more insight into my experience.

Just let me know either way.

Cheers, Alan, AKA Clockmender.

iPhone postie!

> On 8 Nov 2019, at 10:19, Julian Eisel <eiseljulian at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> although I definitely do support evaluating and improving the module
> structure, I'm not sure if the outcome really makes things better :)
> Sorry for the wall of text. But this is a defining topic which should
> be handled thoughfully.
> The term "member" is misleading and doesn't fit the intended role
> IMHO. It is a loose word, I'd say everybody who does regular
> contributions can be considered a member. And technically everybody
> listed in the module team description is a member.
> There must be some better term for this - Module-leads?
> Lead-maintainers? Vice-owners? ...
> I also find it concerning that we now put a single person on top of
> each module. William is now the sole UI module owner - does that mean
> he can overrule any decision, effectively making him the benevolent
> dictator for the UI? That would be horrible! ;) Not because it's
> William, I'd say the same for any other person (including myself).
> Non-trivial day-to-day decisions should be made based on consensus,
> not because of one person's opinion. We should seek consensus if there
> is none; if that fails we can still have a vote within the team.
> Should that still not help, there are the Blender admins and
> eventually Ton to consult.
> What makes you think there's a need for such an exclusive role on a
> per module level?
> Then there is the weird role of module "developers". The description
> says these are active contributors of a module. At which point is a
> contributor active enough to be put on this list? The threshold seems
> to be chosen rather arbitrary on a case by case basis.
> And what is the purpose of this category really? It feels like just a
> list for credits and contact persons. There is some value in having
> such a list, but besides the listed people don't have any decision
> making power. That doesn't reflect our practical needs however.
> Take the internationalization project as an example. The person to
> contact and make decisions here has always been Bastien. Judging from
> the modules page, he's merely an active contributor with no notable
> decision making rights though.
> The same applies to my role by the way. On paper I'm also "just a
> contributor", but that doesn't really reflect what actual role I play
> in day-to-day UI team business. I don't ask for more power but for a
> more needs-oriented/practical module structure.
> Most importantly however, happy birthday Dalai :)
> Cheers,
> - Julian -
>> On Fri, Nov 8, 2019 at 5:11 AM Dalai Felinto <dfelinto at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Another change on the way. Based on feedback from Campbell as well as the
>> development team at the Blender Institute I would like to simplify a bit
>> the structure our module structure:
>> 1) Module coordinator → module owner.
>> 2) Module owner → module member (and not include the module owner on it).
>> 3) Assign module page to module coordinator.
>> 4) Cleanup the project page (no need to mention any developer).
>> 5) Remove the module members not listed as members in the wiki.
>> 6) Find more non-developer module members.
>> This way we have a reference point for each module (owner), while all the
>> members can be visible for the projects in developer.blender.org (as well
>> as the wiki). This also reduces the amount of redundancy, helping to keep
>> the wiki and developer.blender.org in sync.
>> If the module owners and members need help finding artists stakeholders
>> (point 6) poke me in particular (or write a public message in
>> bf-committers) and we can try to find people that demonstrated interested
>> in the past. Most modules clearly lack non-developer members.
>> In fact I had to remove quite a few (in particular in the User Interface
>> Module) to match the wiki. If I made a mistake please contact me or your
>> corresponding module owner to have your contact up again in the wiki and
>> developer.blender.org.
>> Thanks for your comprehension,
>> Dalai
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