[Bf-committers] GSOC Project Idea

Nathan Craddock nzcraddock at gmail.com
Fri Mar 15 21:20:47 CET 2019

Hello Blender Developers,

My name is Nathan Craddock, I'm a computer science student at Brigham 
Young University. After looking over many project ideas I have decided 
that the "Outliner Improvements" project from the wiki would be a great 
project for me based on my current abilities and interests. I just have 
a few questions as I'm writing my proposal.

The description for the outliner project on the wiki mentions, "the 
developers would work with users to find the most important usability 
issues and fix them." By this I'm understanding developers to mean the 
accepted GSOC student, along with their mentor, and other developers, 
is this a correct understanding?

This leads to my understanding that the original project proposal will 
not include details on every specific outliner improvement that will be 
added. Further ideas and improvements will come from users during the 
community bonding period as well as the three months of development. Do 
I understand this correctly?

Second, for the project schedule. I can make a good guess right now on 
what features and fixes could be implemented in which order, but will 
the schedule also be flexible? Would the submission window from March 
25th to April 9th be the recommended time to fix the schedule, or could 
it also change after?

Overall I'm just curious on if the final accepted proposal is fixed, or 
if the project plan and schedule will continue to be adjusted for this 
specific outliner project based on user input and feedback.

Thank you,
Nathan Craddock

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