[Bf-committers] Blender 2.79 Nightly builds using different Python versions

Brian Savery brian.savery at gmail.com
Fri Mar 15 17:29:51 CET 2019

First of all, not sure if a 2.79C build is planned.  But we've noticed
something odd recently.  Namely, that nightly builds of 2.79 use python
version 3.7.0, whereas the "released" 2.79b build uses 3.5.3

Not a big deal, it's python right?  Well except there are plenty of addons
that use C-Extensions for python.  On certain platforms (windows
particularly) a python C-Extension is not forward compatible (unless you
use some particular limited feature set).  So addon users get errors when
trying to use "2.79" versions of addons that use c-extensions.

Furthermore, I would claim from a release management standpoint, if you're
calling something a 2.79 build of Blender, it should not be switching
python versions.  Basic api compatibility.  I'm assuming the reason this
was done was that you're using the same build machines for 2.80 which uses
python 3.7, but it is possible to run multiple versions of python on one
machine.  Can this be fixed please?


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