[Bf-committers] To Cambell Barton: I have updated that template patch you suggested I update

john bartle johnbartle at live.com
Sat Mar 2 04:59:44 CET 2019

   Hey Cambell, it's me J_B from blendercoders a few days ago. I got around to updating that "object_add_mesh.diff"  for 2.8. I didn't do the uv stuff originally started in commit "3c6709a63" because I don't understand the code very well. It seems too cryptic. I also haven't added any comments yet because I don't think that I understand the code well enough to give particularly useful comments. But I, at least, have a working and updated patch.

   You offered to add me to the blender-staging repository. I'd like the option to add commented mini branches whenever I get around to it - so if that's what adding me to the blender-staging repository will do then cool.

  Also, you  said that the patch could can be committed to `template-object-add-mesh` branch. Where is this branch? Or where should it be created if it doesn't yet exist?


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