[Bf-committers] Release candidate 3 and commits to port over

Brecht Van Lommel brechtvanlommel at gmail.com
Wed Jul 24 13:05:52 CEST 2019

Hi everyone,

Due to a critical bug in 2.80 RC2 that was causing crashes in
sculpting and texture paint, we are going to do another release
candidate. We intend RC3 to be identical to the final release, which
would then be targetted for Tuesday next week.

We intended to do an ahoy for the RC3 later today and put it online tomorrow.

This is the list of fixes we are considering to include from master in RC3.

796a2b5 Fix T66768: Grid fill span not working
9e3ff9e Fix T67334: Blender does not exit after saving
ef0e06d Fix T65386 Eevee: Crash after baking indirect lights or cubemap
19aa873 Fix T67299: UV Stretching Overlay of type "Area" fail when any
face is hidden
34ad6da Fix T67450: Crash undoing edit-mode lattice resolution
0a0e2dd Fix T67040: Undo crashes after renaming
8c61837 Incompatible usage of the Collada transparency value
2de95e8 Fix missing subversion bump for 2.80 release.
45ae9ed Revert "Fix T67040: Undo crashes after renaming"
d5c0a02 Fix T67033 EEVEE: Random Flickering Materials
65aac86 GPencil: Fix wrong material when apply Opacity, Hue or Tint modifier
23ea4b5 GPencil: Fix showing wrong material in brush panel with pinning
4b980e2 Fix T67196: bevel bad at a 3-edge bevel.
c2e8e24 Fix assert in some cases when using DataTransfer modifier for
custom normals.
fb84ef5 Fix T67191: Redo fails for 3D text operation
48b4d42 CMake: Fix WITH_CODEC_SNDFILE detection
52fb8b1 Fix T67117: Font thumbnails crash to desktop

For add-ons this is the proposed list.

3c492db space_view3d_pie_menus: fix "Preferences" in Addon T67164
c39405c BlenderKit: fix port numbers for login communication.
f4db75e BlenderKit: fix search by author to clean up search keywords.
9dfa4aa export paper model: important fix, upstream 02fe87e
beb3051 pie_editor_switch_menu: comment out missing timeline reference
05af39a object_fracture_crack/__init__.py: move to contrib: T63750 T61901
b304584 mes_snap_utilities_line: disable links
5fdd75d BlenderKit: fix  T67565, unregistration could go wrong in
combo with other addons since addon was un-registering whole keymap


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