[Bf-committers] Blender 2.80 Release Candidate 1 AHOY

Ray Molenkamp ray at lazydodo.com
Wed Jul 10 21:48:24 CEST 2019

After a small consult with sergey, cubins are indeed off for X86
and WITH_CYCLES_CUDA_BINARIES has been manually turned off for
win32 for now.

I struggled with ftp from behind nat, but I think both builds made
it, in-case they didn't I left sergey a link to a  copy on my webhosting.

MD5 for both builds:

E8D4B54EBEFC2ACF93C76560E4A26851  blender-2.80rc1-windows32.zip
F4BA141E119583C5DB520565FF71DA5D  blender-2.80rc1-windows64.zip


Win32 fails bmesh_boolean which is a known (T65143) and accepted issue
Win64 had a 100% pass rate.


@deadpin on chat correctly pointed out that the object_modifier_array
test while passing really shouldn't (this is for both win64 and win32)

49: Read blend: K:/BlenderGit/blender/../lib/tests/modifier_stack/array_test.blend
49: Error: text block not found run_tests.
49: Blender quit
 49/103 Test  #49: object_modifier_array ...............
   Passed    4.74 sec


On 7/10/2019 12:30 PM, Ray Molenkamp wrote:
> I hit a snag building win32, it's trying to build cubins and
> failing at it, I have a vague memory of cubins being disabled
> for 32 bit builds? Is this still the case?
> --Ray
> On 7/10/2019 10:24 AM, Sergey Sharybin wrote:
>> Correction for the git branch: blender-v2.80-release
>> Sorry for the noise and confusion.
>> On Wed, Jul 10, 2019 at 6:16 PM Sergey Sharybin <sergey.vfx at gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> We are ready for the first Release Candidate for Blender 2.80 release.
>>> Information for platform maintainers:
>>> - Build from the blender-2.80-release branch, SHA
>>> 3fe0c32fae20be4146bfa20fe64f56f5716a132b
>>> - Addons revision: f54338c63ba36cbbe83161c0b3d4d2b1aa01c4a9
>>> - Locale revision: 38e501b4d7a37d2db0f48d47bdb07c57f3fb9a0d
>>> - Libraries SVN tag: blender-2.80-release
>>> Suggested name: blender-2.80rc1-<platform>.
>>> Put builds to usual location and let me know when they are ready.
>>> Tagging will happen soon after all builds are ready.
>>> Thanks everybody for the hard work!
>>> --
>>> With best regards, Sergey Sharybin
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