[Bf-committers] Understanding the dev process

dr. Sybren A. Stüvel sybren at stuvel.eu
Fri Jul 5 10:58:07 CEST 2019

Hey Nathan,

On 04-07-19 15:37, Nathan Letwory wrote:
> I'm most interested in finding out how devs perceive the process: what goes
> well, and even more so what causes trouble.

I think that what could use improvement is the interaction between
non-regulars and regulars in the blender-developers chat channel. My
GSoC student has asked questions there, but got completely ignored, and
I've seen others getting no answer either. Maybe there is a bit too much
of a not-my-area-of-Blender mentality going on, and on the other hand it
would be silly if people were swamped with "I don't know" answers. In
such a case, for every individual dev silence is better than saying "I
don't know", but that's only good for the question-asker if the actual
answer follows pretty shortly.

On 05-07-19 04:20, Campbell Barton wrote:
> Perhaps we can assign promising patches to review each release cycle
> (as part of per module tasks - see T63725).

Would it be a good idea to start assigning "milestones" to patches? In
practice this is probably only possible when the patch is close to
acceptance, because only then the true impact of the patch is known.

> Who are we making Blender for?
> ==============================
> With 2.8x and the introduction of tools,
> it strikes me that artists at the Blender Institute are not using it much
> (just my impression, maybe this changes over time).

This is a good point. I know for a fact that the animators aren't using
the new tool system at all, because it doesn't make sense to them -- the
"tools" as introduced in 2.8 are conceptually incompatible with the
animation tools they need. Tools for them are things like the pose
library (+the pose thumbnails add-on), selection sets, the Blenrig
control panel, and tools in the dopesheet editor. The tabbed T-panel had
space for the tools they need, but that's been removed with the promise
of something better. Only, that "something better" hasn't arrived yet
and also hasn't even been presented yet.

Hjalti and Nacho want to join the Animation module team, and I'm talking
with an external animator to get an outside perspective too.


Sybren A. Stüvel


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