[Bf-committers] BF coordination meeting notes - 2019.08.19

Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory nathan at blender.org
Mon Aug 19 14:45:54 CEST 2019

Hi all,

Here are the notes for our private weekly meeting concerning

the development coordination.

If you have any topics to discuss for next meeting please

be in touch with me or Dalai via mail or on blender.chat

Participants: Brecht Van Lommel, Dalai Felinto, Nathan Letwory

August 19th, 2019.



* Onboarding

   + regular devs should try to give possibility to update proposed patch

   + devs can contact Nathan if they don’t have time to manage closely

      patch review process for code by new devs (i.e. may require lots

      of going back and forth between contributor and dev)

   + tricky to find a good balance between guiding and being able to

      do own work

Phabricator "project" for coordination projects


* Added to "Platforms, Builds & Tests" - T66306

Priorities for development infrastructure


* Improve Phabricator ( see i.e. https://developer.blender.org/D5521 )


* Check with Campbell (and later with Sergey - bottleneckers) on what

   is taking their time away

* Buildbot management

   + Automate release builds and codesign

   + Automate run tests

Development priority


* Dalai & Brecht go over Modules to check

   roadmaps & priorities

* Dalai email bf-committers to remind people

   to work in tracker

Phabricator projects


* workboard support should list subprojects (Nathan)

Brecht's time


* things are going in the right direction, but takes time to free

   up even more

Bi-weekly meetings


* strict time limit. If issues remain unsolved handle outside meeting

   (or extra meeting if need be)

* start this week, Wednesday and Thursday

* work with external animators: through public channels

* animation module owner Sybren - responsible for organizing

   flesh out animation module page

Nathan’s week


* contact with localisation team wrt Weblate

* onboarding / review policy

* Crashpad integration (server-side)

Brecht's week


* lots of code review

Dalai's week


* code review (among others outliner gsoc branch)

* module/project proposal

* meetings with different devs and users



* phabricator improvements (Nathan)

   + D5521

   + workboard subproject listings

   + automate builds and tests for patches

*  modules cleanup/roadmaps (Dalai) - on hold until

   phabricator patching complete


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