[Bf-committers] Release cycle 2.81: dates and branch proposal

Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory nathan at blender.org
Wed Aug 14 17:36:15 CEST 2019

Hi all,

it has been brought up already a few times, but this post
is to make it a clear proposal. Any feedback and comments
should be made prior to the next dev meeting of
2019.08.19. That is the day we settle on the final dates and
release process for 2.81.

-------- START PROPOSAL ---------

Proposed release date is 2019.11.14


* 2019.09.13: CUT-OFF for major work (features, overhauls, etc)
   This means for module owners to reflect on the feasibility
   of big patches to receive ample review and time to address
   potential issues in two months. If you are unsure be in touch
   with Brecht, Dalai or myself.
* 2019.10.01: BRANCH 2.81 for stabilizing.
* 2019.11.14 RELEASE of 2.81.


In addition to major tasks everyone involved is asked to reflect on
the open tasks and 2.81.

A 2.81 milestone has been created for the BF Blender project.
Anything that should go in 2.81 should be tagged with the milestone.
The idea is that with some regularity all items tagged with the
milestone will be reviewed to see if it fits in the 2.81 targets.

Items may or may not be retagged for a later release depending in
factors as severity and available dev power. Together with the module
owners the amount of work should look achievable. Work can
be added or removed as necessary.


This includes corresponding branches in submodules to make it
easy to keep all modules in sync. From here on any commits that
fix issues for release should be directly made in the 2.81 branch.
Any work that accidentally gets committed to these branches can
be backed out and instead applied to master.

This may cause some confusion, but shouldn't be a big change to
learn. We'd have 6 weeks time of getting the hang of this, I'm sure
that together we can pull this off.


The writers will have around six weeks time for getting the manual
updated. Webpage content can be also prepared.

The idea of the stabilizing branch is that there _should_ be minimal
changes, barring any important GUI/workflow changing fixes that
simply have to be made to produce a releasable product.


We target to get the buildbot system adjusted to build also from the
stabilizing branch. Feedback on the 2.81 product will be done using
these 2.81 buildbot builds. There won't be separate RC releases.


While stabilizing work is conducted in the 2.81 branch master can
stay open for continued work on anything post-2.82. In other words
we won't be locking master after 2019.10.01. Devs that don't get
2.81 items assigned should feel free to continue work.

-------- END PROPOSAL --------

Please provide comments and feedback prior to the upcoming
dev meeting of 2019.08.19. The final schedule will be locked at
that meeting.



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