[Bf-committers] OpenEXR cmake broken Re: Blender developers meeting notes - 2018-09-10

Ray Molenkamp ray at lazydodo.com
Tue Sep 11 03:00:28 CEST 2018

We are aware, The external dependencies build-scripts are using the autotools build for linux/mac for
this exact reason, for windows that was not an option, there we use the github hash 
0ac2ea34c8f3134148a5df4052e40f155b76f6fb which has 'somewhat' working cmake support,
still kinda wonky, but workable.


On 9/10/2018 4:01 PM, bjustj at ymail.com wrote:
> According to OpenEXR devs ( and my experience as well ) the cmake build of OpenEXR 2.3 is broken for Linux ( possibly windows as well).
> OpenEXR devs are aware and noted on Aug 10 they are looking into it.
> Excerpt below copied from  http://lists.nongnu.org/archive/html/openexr-devel/2018-08/msg00002.html  
> Justin Jones
> --------------
> El 10/08/18 a las 17:38, Francois Chardavoine escribió:
>> Just in time for Siggraph, we're excited to announce that OpenEXR 2.3
>> has been released and is available for download.
> Congratulations.  Now for the sad part:
> CMake build is completely broken on Linux at least ( Windows probably
> too ).  IlmBase compiles the tables only and exits without compiling
> anything else.
> Building with bootstrap/configure works on Linux for IlmBase.
> CMake build is also broken for OpenEXR.  In that case, it does not find
> IlmBase even when -DILMBASE_PACKAGE_PREFIX is used.  Result: half.h,
> ImathInt64.h, etc cannot be found and nothing gets built.
> Building with bootstrap/configure works on Linux for OpenEXR.
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