[Bf-committers] UV editor transforms do not work - what am I missing?

Sander de Regt blendercontact at shadowmaker.nl
Thu Nov 29 11:13:28 CET 2018


I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I've 
downloaded today's Blender build with the new left-click select (yeuh!) 
and for some reason none of the shortcuts in the UV-editing seem to 
work. I can't move,rotate or scale any of the faces or vertices. The 
tranform widget is completely locked as well.

I haven't seen this mentioned on any of the forums or bug trackers 
(unless I didn't look in the right place) but either something is wrong 
with my system, a bug has crept in there or it's a severe case of user 

The build I downloaded last week didn't suffer from this problem.

Sander de Regt

ShadowMaker SdR
The Netherlands

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