[Bf-committers] When can we use advanced Blender 2.8 Paython capabilities for scientific and atomic simulations please?

Robert amdbcg at gmail.com
Sun Nov 4 17:18:36 CET 2018

Hello Arash,
For Pandas, you can install pip for the blender python :
I successfully installed Pandas this way.
What other modules / addons were you looking at installing?

For using blender bpy as a module,
bpy requires blender to be running due to context as far as I know.
you *might* be able to pass that context to other python not running 
blender through a tcp socket / zeromq.
There might also be a way to pass the context through a python object.

Hope that helps
-Robert Fornof

On 11/3/18 2:35 AM, Arash Hooshmand wrote:
> Hello Dear Sirs/ Ladies;
> I have been waiting a long time for Blender 2.8, hoping to have it since
> October 20th, because Blender 2.79's Python capabilities are not
> user-friendly enough yet. I neither could install Pandas and some other
> modules in its Python environment, nor I could successfully install some of
> main scientific and atomic add-ons due to removal of relevant pages  of
> your website, nor could take advantage of all Blender capabilities as a
> python module. I hope by Blender 2.8 the value of science and scientiic
> work also be visible as one of the invaluable goals of the developing team.
> I hope we, the scientific community, use Blender as the best visualization
> tool for crystals physics and chemistry. I am looking forward to seeing
> your new great product. Many thanks and best wishes;
> Arash Hooshmand
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