[Bf-committers] Code-quest notes: Last week and this week #2

Dalai Felinto dfelinto at gmail.com
Mon May 28 17:57:31 CEST 2018

Hi there,

Last week the Spring animation team moved to the new building, so our
traditional code weekly was replaced by one focused on the art team.

So once again we had a kick-off today covering what we did last week, and
some highlights for this week:

* Copy-on-write is the new default, which lead to tons of new bugs found.
Most of the team spent a considerable time tackling them.

* Remaining bugs we will prioritize this week:
 - Multi-Resolution crashes and sculpting support (Brecht).
 - Hair editing (Sergey).
 - Pose library (Joshua).
 - Performance regression in production file (Campbell).

* We had a copy-on-write meeting today. We made sure everyone was on the
same page and addressed a few pending issues. Sergey may post a full report
later, but basically we agreed on:

 - Joshua will look at the clear transform operator, or a similar one
(e.g., snapping) that requires changes from the parent matrix and list as
an additional example for the task force.

 - At any given time there will be only one active mode, time, and view
layer. Any other window that needs data in a different state will do so by
accessing them as read-only and/or temporarily switch to a mode-less mode.
It may be something automatic, or something users set up.

 - Baking (light probe caching, physics, ...) will be done using the active
layer at the time of baking. Command-line baking should still be possible,
providing that a view layer is specified.

* Clément Foucault worked last week in the new hair drawing. It will be
merged soon and he moves on to commit light probe cache followed by motion
path drawing.

* Pablo Vazquez published more videos on
https://www.youtube.com/user/BlenderCoders/videos - and committed a new
dark theme in Blender. Now that we are close to the end of the second
month, he will work in a blogpost with the current state of Blender2.8 and
code quest.

* Bastien Montagne worked in both override systems among bug fixes and
polishing. He will focus on copy-on-write bugs this week.

* Jeroen Bakker committed transparency mode, and started in a material mode
for EEVEE. This is now committed, but will be polished during the week with
more options. Additionally he will work on specular lighting for the

* Brecht Van Lommel fixed bug for collections and copy-on-write as a whole.
This week he will try to fix Cycles pending issues and more copy-on-write
bugs. If time allows priority is local view.

* Sergey Sharybin is back! He is done setting up the network
infrastructure. He may still setup the renderfarm this week, as well as
handle copy-on-write all week long.

* Campbell Barton worked on the tool system, in-popover shortcuts, extrude
manipulator. He will work a bit further in tools (note there is an open
design for different spaces tools that need to be addressed eventually). He
will be sure to make time for 2.8 bug fixes for the spring team as well.

* Joshua Leung worked on a new driver pipeline and user interface, as well
as copy-on-write bugs. This week he will try to dedicate no more than a day
to wrap up grease pencil review/merge. But his focus is on gathering
feedback from artists to new animation tools.


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