[Bf-committers] Code-quest notes: Last week and this week

Dalai Felinto dfelinto at gmail.com
Tue May 22 12:13:11 CEST 2018

Hi all,

Last week there was no Code Quest weekly. We will combine both weeklies
this Friday, with a report next Monday as usual.

That said, a few highlights from last week and what to expect this week:

* Collections and groups are unified:

* Wiki migration: Dan McGrath will help the wiki migration this week. The
plan is to copy-paste 20 or so important pages from old wiki and start
fresh from there. Initial pages will be developer docs, release notes and
user pages.

* Copy on write is the new default for blender2.8. We also got a new
--disable-copy-on-write runtime option for debugging.

* There are very few modifiers required by the Spring project that still
need update for copy-on-write. Namely:
 - Multi-resolution
 - Sub-surface
 - Cloth
 - Soft-body

 - Sybren Stüvel will commit the existing patch for Cloth (not it is slow).
As for the others we will see if they are usable and stable as they are of
if we prioritize converting them.

- Bastien Montagne will check all the modifiers to be sure they are getting
the current frame from depsgraph, not from the scene.

* There are plenty of RNA properties that are not tagging depsgraph
properly. Campbell Barton will fix this via message bus (the new notifier

* Spring team plans to migrate to Blender 2.8 this week. So we will
dedicate a lot of time for polishing and bug fixes.

 - We have a new column in the codequest workboard called "Spring Bugs":

 - We will hand-pick bugs reported in the 2.8 tracker by the spring team
and tag them to show in the codequest tracker as well.

Thank you,

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