[Bf-committers] Circular array modifier

Christian Hubert christian.hubert at dstribe.com
Sun May 6 10:20:12 CEST 2018




Previously named < fan modifier >, the < circular array modifier > is now
ported to 2.8. I can send a diff when you give me the < go >.


Here is a demo video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzKFHubAFzQ


The parameters:


*	Modes : simple, homothetic, rounded


*	Simple mode: the modifier creates simple duplis of the mesh rotated
around the axis

*	Angle of rotation: the mesh is duplicated < slices > time inside
this angle
*	Slices: amount of times the duplication occurs
*	Iterations: amount of times the angle is repeted
*	Height: wanted height, with 3 modes. 

*	Slice: the height is the height between two consecutive slices
*	Iteration: the height is given for an iteration
*	Total: the height is total height of the result

*	Axis: 3 possibilities. Around X and facing Y. Around Y and facing Z.
Around Z and facing X. See comments about that below
*	Pivot axis: another object can be used as pivot (instead of the
object origin and local axis)


*	Homothetic: the duplis are stretched transversally so that they can
be joined. Below the parameters which are different from simple mode

*	Magin angle: an angle between slices
*	Shear: connect mesh borders along the height
*	Merge: merge border vertices (from a slice to the next one and from
first/last slice)


*	Rounded: same as homothetic, but the vertices are shifted
longitudinally to make the shape round. The parameters are the same as for <
homothetic >



Comment about axis: the calculation considers a < facing axis >, so that
(for homothetic and rounded modes), the connection between slices is done
when the mesh is symmetrical along this facing axis.

Another calculation could avoid that, by projecting the mesh along the
rotation axis whatever its position is around it. But using a facing axis
allows to obtains asymmetrical effects (visible in the video), at the cost
of user effort to place the mesh (or axis object) correctly.


Thanks for your feed back.






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