[Bf-committers] Downloading 4.0

Knapp magick.crow at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 15:58:01 CET 2018

Hello all!
I was trying to install 4.0 but what I have found is that it is really hard
to find it so that I can install it and test it. Having been involved with
Blender for over 15 years I could solve this problem but how many new
testers are being blocked by the hurdles that you must overcome to find the
test version?

IMOHO when you click on the home page-> Downloads
then there should be a button that says install unstable test version or at
least a link to a page explaining about how to do it. Would not hurt if
that page also had a bit about how to find bugs and how to submit a good
bug report.

Douglas E Knapp, MSAOM, LAc.

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