[Bf-committers] Interested to help developers improve an area of Blender you are experienced, mail bf-committers.

Sơn Trần Nam blackxiii666 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 11:22:20 CEST 2018

Dear Bf-committers,

Thank you for making Blender better everyday.

I'm here to ask you to add a function into blender, from a program called
Live2d Euclid, if you already know about it you can abort the rest of this

In fact it's not "an area of Blender", but I think it will be a
game-changer, for those who are looking for a decent way to make
Japanese-type 2d animation (called Anime), in the combined way between 2d
and 3d.

I think that this function will make Blender more fans.

Blender already has Freestyle, which is a good shader. But if you may,
please consider looking at  Live2d Euclid, which will create a 3d head out
of drawing. And the mesh will be exactly what it has been drawn.

If you are interested, they have 90 days free trial for the program. You
can download it here.

You can look for samples models, scripts and tutorials here

So, thank you for reading. If the function would be added into Blender I'll
be very happy, for not having to switch between programs, which is
inconvenient. And as I wrote above, I think it will a game-changer for


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