[Bf-committers] devtalk.

Ray Molenkamp ray at lazydodo.com
Fri Jun 1 23:30:38 CEST 2018

I think this is a case of what was envisioned and what is actually
happening on devtalk currently being a tiny bit out of whack.

Devs getting feedback on specific topics is great! a wall of
'Hey devs, lets vote! left or right mouse button!',  'when is
feature X finially finished?' and 'lets change blenders version
number!' not quite as much.


On 6/1/2018 2:29 PM, Brecht Van Lommel wrote:
> I think it can work if we make it so developers start topics to request
> feedback on features they are working on. For example one topic for
> shortcut key changes, one for collections, etc. Then we can strictly
> moderate it, close topics when a project is done and keep the number of
> topics under control to avoid overpowering the other posts.
> If we let everyone make topics about whatever it's always going to be
> difficult to manage, regardless if we do it on devtalk or another forum.
> On Fri, Jun 1, 2018 at 8:10 PM, Ray Molenkamp <ray at lazydodo.com> wrote:
>> All,
>> As I understood devtalk was setup as a dev 2 dev support site, I'm kinda
>> confused we invited end users to 'join the conversation' on it now, as
>> they are putting feature requests all over the place, last night the
>> blender development forum was 80+% feature requests on the first page.
>> kinda ruining the signal to noise ratio. Since then someone came by and
>> moved them all to the code-quest section. Also a banner has been put up
>> mentioning the site is not for feature requests. but still, users do what
>> user do...
>> While I do see value in gathering user-feedback, it's not very hard to
>> imagine that the line between feedback and feature requests is arbitrary
>> at the best of times.
>> Especially with all the changes currently in 2.8, it's also easy to see
>> ahead of time that the discussion would be 'heated' at times, devtalk
>> pretty much coasted by with little to no moderation.
>> Given the response so far, it's clear users are screaming for an outlet
>> to share their ideas/opinions/and feature requests.
>> The question is, was devtalk really the best venue for this experiment?
>> couldn't we just have spun up another discourse instance?
>> --Ray
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