[Bf-committers] Blender game transition

yul brynner you.le at live.fr
Sun Jan 28 11:36:55 CET 2018


I upload a video and a picture made in EEVEE in BGE/UPBGE:



- Blender Foundation developers who are coding Blender 2.8
- Tristan Porteries (Main UPBGE developer)
- All BGE/UPBGE contributors
- Video: Scene made by Glenn Melenhorst and named Mr Elephant
- Picture: Scene made by Daniel Bysted and named Wanderer

About current progresses, I wrote this: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vQRG3g6Nij2mc-QXrIe2cfxfnaPZp432QYEddm6TybSw8_Ee_TYklzlbCBSwOHXYc66XX-cUPN7NSSs/pub
few days ago.

This "game engine transition" project still needs a lot of work but I hope it begins to looks solid enough to interest Blender developers.

I won't do any official release build of this project on my side for 2 reasons:
- The small work I did is entirely based on other developers hard work.
- Anyway, this project needs qualified developers to make it stable enough to be released.

Furthermore, this project doesn't really correspond to the interactive mode idea, I guess. So the BF developers and direction would have to deliberate if this project can be part of Blender or not, or if it can be adapted to fit the interactive mode idea.

But there is no emergency, and I guess this is too early to debate about that.

If some volounteers are interested to help, they are of course welcome.

There are many interesting works to do (simple + intermediate tasks).
There are also hard tasks related to physics and deformers (which would need cooperation/collaboration with Blender developers). But it is a bit early for that.
There are also boring tasks, like cleanups...
There is bugs fixing to do.

Developers can contact me on IRC or via my github repo leaving a message in issues section.


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