[Bf-committers] Changes to Windows Compiler Support.

Dan McGrath danmcgrath.ca at gmail.com
Sat Jan 27 17:39:45 CET 2018


> 6) 32 bit support
> I spend a fair amount of time building the blender deps in various
formats, x86
> it starting to cost more and more time since a few of the projects just
> to test on linux, sometimes on windows/x64 but rarely on x86 leading to
all kinds
> of obscure (usually sse) related build errors. This is starting to take
up a
> significant amount of my time for only a small percentage of end users
> time I asked ~15% of the blender downloads were for 32 bit users) and by
> time we release 2.8 this number will probably have dropped even further.

Out of curiosity, I parsed all of our download.blender.org logs since near
the end of 2014, right up until today and stored them in an sqlite3
database for people to check. You can download the file at:


I specifically limited the list to 200 status files and only valid
filenames. The schema is:

sqlite> .schema
CREATE TABLE logs (log_date date NOT NULL, url text NOT NULL, filename text
NOT NULL, blender_version varchar(10) NULL, bits integer);
CREATE INDEX idx_bits on logs(bits);
CREATE INDEX idx_filename on logs(filename);
CREATE INDEX idx_url on logs(url);
sqlite> select * from logs limit 3;
sqlite> select count(*) from logs;
sqlite> select count(*) from logs where bits = 32;
sqlite> select count(*) from logs where bits = 64;

(bits = 0 is for unknown bit size)

Anyway, for those who were maybe interested, have fun!


Dan McGrath

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