[Bf-committers] UV Editor Proposal

Alberto Velázquez alberto3d.1984 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 21 20:07:12 CET 2018

Hi Guys

I really like create and design UI and improve user experience... and I
want to show a proposal for UV editor interface overhaul.  This proposal
was made using the opinion of different Blender artists, newcomers and my
personal experience (six years using blender in my work). All this thinking
in the Blender101 project.

The basic idea of this proposal is not to break the actual Blender
workflows, only a improvement in the way that the interface is created.
Making easier for newcomers and don't destroy old users user experience.
Trying to avoid big changes for developers.

*This is the proposal *(sorry by imgur links but maillist have a limit for
email size)


And here you can find the reasons to this changes.


If you want to read the reasons in deep I have made a document with the
basic reason and some request for tools that different artists and me think
that are necessary in a Area with few improvement since years ago.

I hope that you like it and it would help in blender development. If you
have any question about this or other blender areas I would love to help.

Warm regards

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