[Bf-committers] 2.79a release - proposed list of commits

Bastien Montagne montagne29 at wanadoo.fr
Mon Jan 1 16:43:58 CET 2018

Thanks, done.

Le 29/12/2017 à 14:29, Campbell Barton a écrit :
> Hi, from own 'maybe' commits, +1 for all except two:
> Changes to boolean ended up having multiple commits afterwards which
> probably won't apply cleanly.
> The current state in master is good AFAICS, however the changes needed
> might be too intrusive for a point release.
> Exclude:
> rB892d304ded   2017/09/14   Campbell Barton                  Fix
> T52291: Boolean fails w/ co-linear edged ngons
> rBfdb8e17936   2017/09/15   Campbell Barton                  Fix error
> in recent boolean changes w/ quad split
> ----
> All good:
> rBf56fea3d6b   2017/09/11   Campbell Barton                  Fix
> T52701: Mesh shortest path fails at boundaries
> rB8c21003248   2017/09/14   Campbell Barton                  Fix
> T52748: Select shortest face path fails
> rBfc7ac0bc49   2017/09/14   Campbell Barton                  Correct
> error in last commit
> rB7c8e87fc52   2017/09/15   Campbell Barton                  Fix
> T52384: Bridge pair result depends on other loops
> rBa850d74312   2017/09/16   Campbell Barton                  Fix
> T51074: Boolean modifier inverts operation
> rB9a2f7dd77b   2017/09/19   Campbell Barton                  Correct
> recent error in boolean quad split check
> rB2103194f79   2017/10/25   Campbell Barton                  Fix
> T53004: XWayland ignores cursor-warp calls
> rBed3b7a5cd4   2017/11/20   Campbell Barton                  Fix
> T53342: Outliner 'select hierarchy' broken
> rB1f95347882   2017/12/14   Campbell Barton                  Fix
> T53322: Collada export crash w/ shape keys
> rB076616898b   2017/12/18   Campbell Barton                  Fix
> T53577: Rake sculpt/paint wrong on first step
> rBd19d094ca9b    Campbell Barton         Fix incorrect allocation size
> ----
> Went over other commits and thing these should be included too:
> rB974053f7e Fix brush reset (missing notifier)
> rB775c773cf Fix sculpt secondary color missing some brushes
> rBb29e37ed8 Docs: add note for bmesh face_split_edgenet
> rB8fb2e4619 Edit Mesh: click extrude, ensure inverse matrix
> rB3859f5ec2 Docs: correct descriptions
> rBc93cfcbb6 Fix edge-split bmesh operator giving empty result
> rB8661ab12a Fix BMesh PyAPI internal flag clearing logic
> rB136f33b09 Fix T53143: Knife Crash after Grid Fill
> rB1d409defb Docs: clarify return value for BVH API
> rB69b516590 WM: minor correction to user-pref writing
> rB326efb431 Fix T53274: Saving template prefs overwrites default prefs
> rB855799ecc Fix T53430: Cut at the strip end fails w/ endstill
> rB4a734325f bl_app_override: support empty UI layout items
> rB7a58ff928 Math Lib: signed versions of quaternion angle
> rBe418c858 3D View: use shortest angle between quaternions
> On Wed, Dec 27, 2017 at 10:05 PM, Bastien Montagne
> <montagne29 at wanadoo.fr> wrote:
>> So… looks like our list of commits to backport is too long, even the ML
>> server does not want to swallow it. :)
>> Here is the list we gathered, Sergey and I: http://pasteall.org/737326
>> First part are commits we think should be included, please double-check
>> yours though.
>> Second part are commits we should rather not backport, though they might be
>> considered. Please check them to see if you really want to include some.
>> You may also suggest other commit of course, just keep in mind that we want
>> only fixes, preferably not complex ones unless they address some critical
>> issue. Enhancements or new features are only possible if they are really
>> dead simple code wise.
>> Thanks and happy Christmas,
>> Bastien
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