[Bf-committers] GSoC 2018 Proposal for Freestyle Rewrite?

Ricardo Nunes 3rton93 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 26 02:40:49 CET 2018

Hi Yiming,

The pictures in post look pretty cool. I wouldn't be surprised if proper
proposal got accepted.
GSoC18 student application period starts 12th March ( https://summerofcode.
withgoogle.com/get-started/ )
Guidelines for Blender specifically ( https://wiki.blender.org/
index.php/Dev:Ref/GoogleSummerOfCode/2018/Students )

I'm not member of foundation but I don't recall anyone gaining wiki access
last year prior to the GSoC period. Something like Google Doc is probably
good enough for sharing your proposal here before the application.
Considering that the fate of Internal and freestyle has been somewhat
uncertain you'd definitely want to get proposal draft done quickly and
bring it up here to make sure that it will line properly with the goals for
Meanwhile I guess before the application period the best way to increase
your chances of being chosen would be making an account at (
https://developer.blender.org/ ) and try to get some bug fixes patched to
showcase that you can work with the code.
I'm pretty avid NPR fan so I do hope you come up with nice proposal and get
picked. Good luck!

2018-02-26 2:29 GMT+02:00 Wu Yiming <xp8110 at outlook.com>:

> Hello Blender developers,
> I’m a University student and a blender user in China. My name is Yiming
> Wu. I have been doing some researches on NPR line rendering and I believe
> there’s something I can do to improve blender’s Freestyle renderer. I have
> posted some results on Blendernation’s news page here (
> https://www.blendernation.com/2017/10/25/little-r-npr-renderer-blender/)
> to demostrate the current result. Many users sent their mail to me to ask
> if my work can be integrated into Blender, and I also believe it is great
> to do so. BlenderCN commuity also have a strong desire for a more usable
> NPR line renderer available.
> I’ve seen that Blender is recruiting students for this year’s GSoC project
> and also developing many things related to 2.8. I have time to take part in
> GSoC, and I already have a English version of how whole things works and
> what my plan is to integrate it into blender. If you are interested in this
> can I kinda have a blenderwiki account to write things there or something?
> So that you can evaluate my complete proposal. In case you have some
> different plans, please let me know. I can always give a helping hand
> related to NPR developing. 😊
> Thanks!
> Yiming Wu
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