[Bf-committers] Blender Asset Manager bug fixes

Sybren A. Stüvel sybren at stuvel.eu
Sun Feb 25 11:39:14 CET 2018

Hi Isaac,

On 25/02/2018 00:58, Isaac Weaver wrote:
> A while ago I filled out these two bug reports for BAM which are holding up
> a project I'm working on

BAM is hard to maintain, as over the years the functionality has grown 
way beyond its initial design limitations. As a matter of fact, I hit 
limitations of BAM too, and started working on a new incarnation called 
Blender Asset Tracer, or BAT🦇 for short. Currently it resides in a 
personal repository at https://gitlab.com/dr.sybren/blender-asset-tracer.

Last week I've ported reading, writing, and iterating data blocks from 
BAM to BAT. Next week I'll be working on tracing, filtering, and 
modifying paths to dependencies. That should give enough functionality 
to reproduce the "bam pack" command.

Development of BAT🦇 is driven by choices explained in T54125. Anyone 
with a vested interest is invited to join the discussion.


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