[Bf-committers] VSE maintenance

Richard Antalík richard.antalik at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 16:32:49 CET 2018


Few months ago I was reaching out to developers to review some of my
patches. Aaron Carlisle gave me some feedback and proposed, that he can
commit some code, but this is not his role and responsibility.

Matter of fact is, that amount of patches is growing and just a little is
being committed. I wanted to maintain my own branch including these
uncommitted patches, but given the number of patches, I would have to
maintain off the master branch, it may be easier to actually do a review,
test feature and merge it with official master branch.

Last time I was asked if I would like to take this responsibility, I wasn't
sure. In fact I am still pretty young player here. But I am getting more
confidence and pragmatic thing to do for me would be to maintain this part
of Blender.

My plan currently is to make work in VSE real-time - in progress is cache
and proxy management rework. Next step would be compiler optimizable and
universal image processing library.
Also I would like to create cleaner and simpler code of basic underlying

As for reviewing code, I have access to community of VSE users and I can
create test builds, so a lot of testing can be done by larger amount of
users prior to committing the code. Also for any code, that reach out of
VSE scope, I will request additional review.

Unfortunately, I have no experience in film industry, or even software
development. I will be happy to leave this role to anybody more
experienced, but VSE needs maintenance.

tl;dr I want commit rights :)


Richard Antalík

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