[Bf-committers] Rights on dev.b.o

blendergit blendergit at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 08:58:18 CET 2018


I have the same problem since two or three days. Maybe it was something in the last SO update.

Antonio Vazquez

De: Julien Duroure
Enviado: lunes, 10 de diciembre de 2018 23:40
Para: bf-blender developers
Asunto: [Bf-committers] Rights on dev.b.o


It seems that I have no more rights on d.b.o to assign me on an issue or
change priority.
I wanted to assign me on T59127.
I did same on previous glTF issues, without any problems.

I have now following error message:

Access Denied: T59127
You do not have permission to edit this object.
Users with the "Can Edit" capability:

    This object has a custom policy controlling who can take this action.
    The owner of a task can always view and edit it.
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