[Bf-committers] Bug Tracker Activity during the 2.8 Beta release

Ines Almeida britalmeida at gmail.com
Sun Dec 2 15:34:41 CET 2018

Hi all!

I made some charts with the bug tracker activity for last week:

The charts include *any* created tasks, not just 2.8.
This is because reports are often mislabeled, and because there seems to be
an actual increase in 2.79 reports as well. Maybe people downloaded
'master' from the buildbot page?

I couldn't find an easy way to query other things from phabricator.
It would be nice to get an understanding of how many of the reports are
closed because they get fixed vs because they are invalid or incomplete.
There is also no easy way to tell how many duplicated reports are there,
how many are crashes, or how much time was spent in triaging (changing
tags, adding steps, etc).
My impression is that most bug reports are either platform/hardware
dependent or not serious.

>From the data that I did get, it looks like the developer community is
doing a fantastic job!
Most issues have been addressed and more than half have been closed, even
with 8x more reports than usual!
It's even hard sometimes to not trip over someone else updating the same

I'll refresh the charts daily to see the evolution.
I predict the nr. of new reports to keep going down after the weekend. The
worst was thursday night and the day after!

-- Inês Almeida / brita_

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