[Bf-committers] this really hurts

bjornmose bjornmose at gmx.net
Wed Aug 8 02:58:19 CEST 2018

Hi Ton and friends ..

reading this


I was .. I don't know what .. shocked dazzled .. what ever  .. there are 
a least a few 10 users (real artists IMHO)  .. can prove that with a 
event on blender artists --- which use enjoy and really need th soft 
body module as it is .. rather gave suggestions for better integration  
as position on the modifier stack. Point is : they use the soft body 
module as a refinement tool to add a little more spice to their 
animation .. in opposite to 'artists' expecting the software to do the 
art for them. Say it load : a bouncing cube is not art .. I would even 
be so hard to say : ' Well you made your homework' .. sometimes better 
.. most times .. 'well yes it works and where is yours ?'

What I want to point out is:

The soft body module was designed to add a little jiggle to an almost 
perfect animation as presented by Enrico Valenza


no cloth no wind blown curtains .. yes the soft body module can be 
abused for that

. we wanted to jiggle a penguin  .. to see yes .. looks good .. ah yes 
now that you show me I see  it jiggles .. but do not all penguins do?

at least when dancing.

well they do and not recognizing the artist did use a physics engine is 

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