[Bf-committers] Building Blender

John Emmas john at creativepost.co.uk
Mon Apr 30 20:05:52 CEST 2018

Thanks Ray - I've a feeling it's somehow picking up the wrong version of 
stdint.h (although I can't find a version where UINTPTR_MAX doesn't get 

I'll have to leave it till tomorrow when I'm feeling a bit fresher !


On 30/04/2018 17:39, Ray Molenkamp wrote:
> -Sorry for the late response, I'm currently traveling so connectivity is spotty at best.
> you should be able to make a build with 2015 given 3 conditions are met
> 1) you have msvc 2015 update 3 or higher
> 2 You have a full set of our libs in the right place
> 3) you run 'make full 2015 x64' in the blender source folder.
> --Ray

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