[Bf-committers] Building Blender

John Emmas john at creativepost.co.uk
Sun Apr 29 11:37:08 CEST 2018

Hi there,

My name's John Emmas and for about 10 years  I've been a contributor to 
Harrison's 'Mixbus' (open-source DAW).  In fact, back when it was Mac 
only, it was me who ported it for use on Windows.

I recently came across Blender and whilst 3D isn't really my "thing" 
(I'm really more of an audio guy) I'm just curious about how you guys 
build it.  It looks like you use different compilers for each platform 
(which would be my preferred choice - although that's increasingly 
uncommon these days).  And whilst I successfully downloaded the git 
sources this morning, I couldn't find any VC project files (or does 
CMake generate them?)

Mostly I'm interested to see how you handle the GUI on each platform?  
For Mixbus we use GTK+ on all 3 platforms - but GTK+ itself introduces a 
huge range of other dependencies.  For Blender though, I could only find 
a few 3rd-party dependencies (libvorbis / boost / tiff / libsndfile 
etc).  It even looks like you use different GUI libraries for the 
different platforms (or am I wrong about that?)

Like I said, it's just a fellow programmer's curiosity.!


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