[Bf-committers] Code quest weekly meeting notes - 2018-04-20

Dalai Felinto dfelinto at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 14:12:52 CEST 2018

Code Quest #2 Weekly
20th April, 2018

This week was filled with a lot of design work. You can see all the worked
tasks on:

Here the highlights as presented by the contributors:

* Top-bar merge (no DNA is saved).

* Grease pencil merge planning (1-2 weeks of work), is coordinating the
work with Antonio Vazquez.
* Moved timeline to dopesheet

* Workbench engine + overlay:
 - Finished technical design
 - Overlay started (face orientation)
 - Draw modes are now defined per engine
 - Docs are on place
 - Object random colors development started

* Sybren:
 - Took 7/13 photos of the team :) More to come this week
 - Modifier stack (original patch by Mai) + simple deform
 - Video Preview of #1 modifier: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZ3fksWUrB0

* Brecht:
 - Removed Blender Internal
 - Remove per workspace engine engine
 - Remove evaluation context (will help depsgraph / python API)
 - Updated data design with final ideas and posted on bf-committers

* Clément:
 - Object outline refactor (thiner, z-fighting, hair selection, faster,
individual objects lines
 - Viewport animation denoise (on playback or during transformation, the
noise was too distracting).

* Sergey:
 - Modifier stack document
 - Operator task-force document (doc is finished, task force organization
to be decided).

* Bastien:
 - Helped grease pencil meeting
 - Finished static override for groups (replacing old proxies)
 - Performance issues with RNA diff addressed, it is 30% faster but it
should be better even
 - Asset UI started

* Campbell
 - Multi-object merge + task force organization (kudos for people already
submitting patches)
 - Toolbar icons implementation (vector drawing)

* William:
 - User Interface:
 -- Asset manager
 -- Toolbar design doc
 -- Viewport navigation manipulator
 -- Overrides (static and dynamic) design
 -- Kudos for Aslam (external contributor) for the continuous help with the

* Pablo:
 - Lots of new videos: https://www.youtube.com/BlenderDevelopers
 - Drafted a proposal for editor list expansion
 - Q+A live stream last Friday with Dalai

* Ton:
 - Symbolically committed  the Blender Internal removal
 - Involved in the design discussions, and making sure the new office is up
and ready for the animation team to move here

* Dalai:
 - Blender Game Engine removal
 - Helped organizing with design discussions, wrap up communications
 - Dynamic override design (needs to publish it)
 - Priority list / spring migration pre-planning sketched (needs to publish
it once done and agreed on)


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